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My journey began in 1991 when I joined the family tradition of Goju-Ryu Karate. Two of my siblings were already under the late shihan Leo Lipinski. I ended up studying this art for the next 9 years, achieving my brown belt. I competed in numerous 'Point Fighting' tournaments as well as trying out for the England Squad. 

My focus then moved onto Kickboxing, Thai Boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu. I’d juggle these arts throughout my college years

Training in boxing started officially in 2003. Up to that point my father, a former Boxer and “judoka” would teach me informally over the years alongside my Karate training. I made a home at Honour Oak ABC in Catford, South London under The late Tom Arscot. Although I showed promise in Boxing, fate had other ideas once I learned of a sport called MMA!

2004 to 2019 I trained and competed in MMA. My 5 years as  amateur were spent with Zt Fight Skool and London Shootfighters. I turned professional in Dec 2009, making my home with Team Titan under Mickey Papas, UFC fighter Brad Picket and Bellator Veteran, Chief Cornerman Ash Grimshaw. I'd go on to have 13 pro fights, finishing up with an 8-5-0 record.

In April 2018 I achieved my 1st Degree Black Belt in CFS Kickboxing under Sifu Dave Onuma. The CFS kickboxing program is unique comprising of methods and techniques from Jun Fan Gung fu (Bruce Lee's art of Chinese KIckboxing), Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Silat. 

I later went onto to train in Balintawak under Instructor Paul Dee.

Balintawak is a close quarter, reaction based Filipino Martial art specialising in single stick, knife, improvised tools and Filipino Boxing.


During the same year I officially begin training in Catch Wrestling, attending my first session at the Snake Pit in wigan, attaining my Level 2 Accreditation in March 2023. 

Alongside this I also train in Combat Submission Wrestling. CSW was created by Sensei Erik Paulson and is more of a hybrid of Catch Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Ju-jitsu. Im fortunate enough to have trained with 2 of Sensei Erik's Affiliates; Chris Crossan and James E Nicolle.

My aim as a trainer is to guide all who wish to  learn self defence, compete in the art of their choice or simply use Martial arts as a means to keep fit. All levels are welcome. 

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